French Prairie Bridge ProjectFrequently Asked Questions


What is the French Prairie Bridge Project?
The French Prairie Bridge Project aims to identify the location, bridge type and uses of a new proposed bicycle, pedestrian, and emergency access bridge crossing of the Willamette River in Wilsonville.
Who is leading this project?
The City of Wilsonville is leading the French Prairie Bridge Project.
What is the project purpose?
The purpose of the French Prairie Bridge Project is to address key questions about the bridge design, landing points, and costs and thereby help position the City and its partners  to decide whether to pursue final bridge design and construction.
What is the project’s timeline?

Project planning began in fall 2016. The project aims to complete preliminary design of the French Prairie Bridge by early 2020.

What happens after this project is complete?
After this project is complete, the City of Wilsonville and its regional partners will have the information needed to determine whether to pursue final design and construction of the French Prairie Bridge Project.

Location & Uses

Where will the bridge be located?
The study area for potential bridge alignments is between the I-5 Boone Bridge and the existing Portland and Western Railroad Bridge in Wilsonville.
How was the bridge study area determined?
In 2015, the City of Wilsonville conducted a feasibility study to determine the project’s study area. Due to significant challenges associated with potential east side bridge locations (including topography and property impacts), the City Council decided that the current project should focus on alternative locations between the I-5 Boone Bridge and the Portland and Western Railroad Bridge.
What kind of emergency/emergency responder would the bridge be used for?
This has not yet been determined. The project will address key questions about use, including what type of emergency response vehicles could access the structure. This information will help refine project design criteria (e.g. bridge width, ramp connections, weight it can carry).

Project Cost & Funding

What is the project cost?
The cost for planning and preliminary engineering design is $1.38 million. This includes the cost for conducting planning and engineering work, public involvement and necessary work to assess impacts to wetlands and wildlife, among other topics.
Who is paying for the project?
The project is funded through a $1.25 million federal grant issued through Metro’s Transportation Improvement Program – Regional Flexible Funds, and 10.27% local matching funds provided through the City of Wilsonville’s Parks Systems Development Charges.
How much will final design and construction cost?
This project will develop cost estimates for completing final design and construction. To develop these estimates, the team will need to determine key elements of the design such as its location, bridge type, and size, and terminus connection points.
Wasn’t a design and cost estimate for this bridge developed a long time ago?
In earlier planning phases, very rough cost estimates were developed. These estimates provided a sketch of potential costs with the information known at the time. This preliminary design project will answer many questions needed to develop a refined cost estimate, including location, bridge type and size.
Who will pay for final design and construction?
This has not yet been determined. This project will develop a cost estimate and document potential community impacts and benefits. Regional leaders will use this information to determine if they would like to pursue final design and construction of this project.

Funding could come from a number of sources, including grants and federal, state or local funds.

Get Involved

How can I get involved?
Visit the Get Involved section of this site to find out about upcoming opportunities to provide input.