French Prairie Bridge ProjectProject Schedule

The currently funded French Prairie Bridge Project is scheduled to take place between fall 2016 and the end of 2018.

At the completion of this preliminary design project, the City of Wilsonville and regional partners will have the information needed to determine whether to pursue final design and construction of the French Prairie Bridge. This includes identifying the preferred bridge design, potential environmental and community impacts, and cost estimates for completing project design and construction.


French Prairie Bridge Project Schedule

Project Milestones

The process of planning and developing preliminary designs for the bridge will be organized around five milestones:

Establish Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation criteria will serve as a tool for comparing alternatives and making decisions about the bridge. The criteria will be finalized after obtaining public input on the goals and objectives for the project.

Select Bridge Landing Points

Potential bridge alignments located between the I-5 Boone Bridge and the Portland and Western Railroad Bridge will be assessed based on the evaluation criteria. The City Council will select the preferred bridge landing points after considering public feedback and the recommendation of the project Task Force.

Identify Top Two Preferred Bridge Types

Bridge types representing a range of styles and costs will be considered based on the selected bridge location. The City Council will select two of the alternatives for further study after listening to public feedback  and the recommendation of the project Task Force.

Select Preferred Bridge Type

Photo realistic renderings and additional analysis of the top two bridge type alternatives will be prepared. The City Council will select the preferred bridge type after reviewing public comments and obtaining a recommendation from the project Task Force.

Complete Preliminary (30%) Design Plans

Once a preferred bridge type is selected, the engineering team will develop the preliminary design for the bridge structure and its connection points on each side of the river. A public meeting will be held to present the designs.

Public Input

The City of Wilsonville will provide opportunities for public deliberation and input that will inform the decisions made at each milestone. This includes gathering community input at public open houses (online and in-person), meeting directly with impacted stakeholders, and obtaining recommendations from a stakeholder Task Force.

Learn more about the stakeholder Task Force.