French Prairie Bridge ProjectPartners

The $1.38 million project is funded through a $1.25 million grant issued through Metro’s Transportation Improvement Program – Regional Flexible Funds – with 10.27% local matching funds provided through the City of Wilsonville’s Parks Systems Development Charges.

City of Wilsonville

The City of Wilsonville is leading the French Prairie Bridge Project. City Community Development, Planning, Engineering and Parks & Recreation staff are all contributing to project development. Additionally, City staff oversees the consultant team working on project design.

Oregon Department of Transportation

Funds for this project were provided as a pass-through grant from the Oregon Department of Transportation. ODOT staff participates in project oversight, in addition to providing feedback during project development.


Project-development funds were issued through Metro’s Transportation Improvement Program, as approved by the Metro Council and Joint Policy Advisory Committee on Transportation. Metro staff will stay engaged throughout project development to provide feedback and contribute to project oversight.

Clackamas County

The south end of the French Prairie Bridge would land outside of the Wilsonville city limits in Clackamas County. County Planning, Engineering, Parks, Disaster Management, and Tourism staff are participating in the project development.